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How do I secure my account?

Having a secure password

Your password is your first protection against piracy. Here are some tips for choosing a good password:

- Always choose a combination of numbers and letters of at least 8 characters. Please make sure you use at least one number and one capital letter. 
- Avoid special characters (such as: - _ / <> :]["!£%) as the game may not recognize you. 
- Do not use a password which is easy to guess. For example: "grphantoms7" or "password123" or your name. 
- Do not use the same password which you have already used for other online services (e-mail, Facebook, other online games). 
- Change your password on a regular basis. 
- Avoid writing your password on a sheet of paper. If for any reason, you happen to write your password on a sheet of paper, destroy that paper afterwards.

Do not share your account information

The most common cause of piracy is sharing personal information. The most common cause of piracy is sharing personal information. It is often tempting to share your account information with a friend so that they can try the game, but this can lead to changes to your account without your acknowledgement. This friend can be someone close or someone you met on the internet (social engineering)Social engineering

Social engineering is an unfair acquisition of personal information used primarily in social networks. A person can pretend to be your friend to access your personal information and then use it to hack in to your account. 

You should never ever share your personal information with others!

Always protect your personal information when using a public computer 

It is not recommended to connect to a computer which you do not primarily control. If however you do connect from a PC belonging to a friend, family member or in a public place, be sure to: 
- Always log off the game and the site before leaving 
- Never give the browser permission to save your credentials

Pay attention to 'Phishing'


The Ghost Recon Phantoms Team will contact you regularly by e-mail. Emails from the marketing team will only come from this domain: Emails from the Customer Support will always have a reference number. No customer support agent or Ubisoft employee shall send an e-mail asking for confidential details.

How to recognize "Phishing"

    - Always verify the sender of the e-mail. The sender has to be one of the domains mentioned above;
    - You will never receive an e-mail asking for personal information from the contacts above.
    - Be wary of e-mails redirecting you to sites other than Ubisoft or partnered domains

Within the forum

We will never ask you for personal information within the forum. If you are asked within the forums, please report this to the Community Manager.


We will never ask you for personal information when using the chat facility. If you are asked for personal information using the chat facility do not hesitate to report it to one of the Game Masters. The Games Masters of Ghost Recon Phantoms can be recognised by the [GM] or [Ubi] in front of their persona name. 

On the Internet

The domain name of the game's website is or and is unique. Some malicious sites may be recognized easily, but others can take over the visual code of Ghost Recon Phantoms. In doubt please contact the Customer Support who can help you idenfify a malicious site.

My account was hacked, what can I do?

If you think your account has been pirated, firstly please verify whether you have access to it. If you can access your account, change your password immediately. If you no longer have access to your account, stay calm and contact the Customer Support immediately. With your cooperation we can investigate the incident. We will ask you questions regarding the account to verify that you are the account owner, such as your full name and date of birth. Once your account is restored, Customer Support can delete your temporary Uplay account (multiple accounts are a violation of our ToS).

To contact the Customer Support please click on the link at the bottom of this page.

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