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// F.A.Q.


Which keys do I press to move and shoot?


W - forwards

S - backwards 

A - left 

D - right 

Shift - switches between walking and running 

C - crouch

E - jump
Space bar - go under cover, W, A and D to peek and shoot. 

CTRL - prone
Weapon keyboard shortcuts

1 - Primary weapon
2 - Secondary weapon
3 - Grenade

F - Enable, disable, load skill
Combat (main/secondary weapon)

Mouse - move in desired direction to aim with weapon 

Mouse left-click - shoot 

Mouse right-click - use scope
Scroll using mouse wheel - Change weapon
Click mouse wheel - Close fight
Z - Special ammunition, if available
X - Change fire mode, semi-automatic/automatic, if available

Left mouse button - Hold to aim and release to throw grenade 

Right mouse button - Click to roll grenade 

Other actions

M - display map
i - access inventory in-game
. - open team chat in-game
, - open open chat in-game
Esc - open game menu/close chat
Tab - scoreboard
T - PTT (push to talk)

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