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I have bought / received an item but I cannot find it in my inventory.

Every item you receive or buy will be placed in your inventory. However if your inventory is full, the item will be sent to your Inbox until you retrieve it.

If you frequently find yourself in this situation, you can increase the number of slots available in your inventory by buying "storage spaces" in the Shop.

To retrieve your item from your Inbox please:

  1. Ensure that you have enough space in your inventory (sell some items or equip an armour insert).
  2. Head to the Social Tab in the lobby.
  3. Select Inbox.
  4. You will see the list of messages you have received. The new ones are marked with a dot.
  5. Open the message containing the item and click on "Retrieve item".

Your item should now be in your inventory.

If you have checked your Inbox and you still haven't found the item you were looking for, please send a ticket to the Support Team by clicking here.

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