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Error message "Mode not supported" on a blackscreen.

Please follow these steps to work on your problem: 

1. Enter the file 'PDC-Live'. This file should be located where you saved the game. The default path is usually C:\Ubisoft\Ghost Recon Online. 

2. Search for the 'GraphicSettings.ini' file.

16390 - Blackscreen []

3. Please change the follwoing in this file: 
Displaywidth = 1280
Displayheight = 800 
Windowed = 1 

GraphicSettings.ini file []

4. Start the game in window mode. 

5. After the game has started, change the resolution in the options menu to your prefered settings. 

Options-Video Menu []

Please contact Customer Support, if this problem is still occurring. You can do this by selecting the 'Contact Us' link at the bottom of this page. Please provide as much detailed information as possible along with your san-tool file.

Please follow the instructions here to send us the san-tool file.


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