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Error messages "Patching Failed" or "Error in Patching".

Receiving these error messages when installing usually means that some files were not uninstalled properly.

To resolve this issue please follow this procedure:

1. Start the game launcher and select 'Uninstall' in the Help menu.

2. Make sure there are no remaining files, which are linked to the game on your computer. You can do this by searching for: PDC / Ghost Recon Online/ Yeti

3. Locate the 'Apps' folder, by following this path: C:/Users /*Username* /AppData /Local /Apps.

4. Remove or delete the folder 'Apps'. 

5. Completely disable your anti-virus system and Firewall. 

6. Click on "Play for free" on the top of this page.

7. During the installation you will be asked to choose a file path. Please install the game in a folder for which you have administrator rights. Usually C:/Ubsioft/Ghost Recon Online is the default file path. 

8. Do not interrupt the installation. Launch the game after completion. 

If the problem persists after these steps, please contact customer support by clicking on 'Contact Us' located in the Support section at  the bottom of this page.


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