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Up Your Game – Guns

Eighth edition of tips & tricks to help you get ahead in GRO

Guns are a core component of Ghost Recon Online. With five primary weapon classes in total and an array of handguns to match it’s vital that you know your way through the armory. We’ve got shotguns and assault rifles for burly Assaults, shotguns and light machine guns for resourceful Specialists and sniper rifles and sub-machine guns for nimble Recons. Different situations call for different guns and choosing the right gun is determined by two important factors: Distance and combat style.

The distance of engagement varies from map to map, point to point and person to person. Being able to correctly judge the right weapon for the job takes solid knowledge of the map, good assessment skills of your opponents and a good understanding of your own abilities.

Here are the typical ranges and uses for each weapon class:

  • Assault Rifle (AR) – Ideal for short-to-medium ranges, use ARs to break entrenched positions with short controlled bursts
  • Shotgun – Lethal at short ranges, but much less effective at long ranges, shotguns are perfect for aggressive close-quarters combat
  • Light Machine Gun (LMG) – Best suited for medium-long ranges, LMGs provide sustained fire from fixed positions
  • Sub-machine Gun (SMG) – The premier rapid-fire close-quarters weapon, SMGs are excellent quick response weapons
  • Sniper Rifle – Built for long ranges, snipers have high damage coupled with high accuracy
  • Handgun – Designed for short ranges, handguns are your backup when there’s no time to deploy your primary weapon
Each class is then further subdivided by stats that support different combat styles. Different tiers of weapons are available for each class and each tier offers unique but comparable stats, based on the individual weapons. 

Here are the seven key attributes:
  • Damage – Total amount of physical harm the weapon is capable of dealing per bullet
  • Rate of Fire (ROF) – Frequency of rounds per minute
  • Damage per Second (DPS) – A function of Damage and ROF to illustrate the overall damage potential
  • Accuracy – Probability of hitting a target which is impacted by bloom based on firing while running, sprinting and sliding
  • Ready Time – Time between breaking from cover, sprinting, running or changing weapons and ability to fire
  • Reload Time – The amount of time taken to replace a magazine or feed in shells
  • Control – Amount of recoil or severity of backward momentum when a weapon is fired
  • Ammo Pool –Number of rounds of ammunition carried per life
  • Magazine Size – Number of rounds available per magazine or the total number of chambers
These attributes heavily define the combat style of each weapon. Here are a few examples for each class:
  • Assault Rifle (AR) – The ACR is highly effective at long ranges with high damage, accuracy and control, but weaker at close quarters combat than the SAR 21 which has a higher ROF and faster ready time.
  • Shotgun – The KPS 12 uses a high ROF to pummel opponents with plenty of follow up shots; whereas the NS2000 is slower to follow up, but more likely to take down a target with just one shot
  • Light Machine Gun (LMG) – The M249 has one of the highest DPS ratings which is perfect at short ranges, but the L86 is significantly more effective at longer ranges with higher accuracy and control
  • Sub-machine Gun (SMG) – The CBJ-MS delivers more damage per bullet and has a larger ammo capacity than the P90, but the P90 remains the crowd favorite with its higher ROF and higher DPS.
  • Sniper Rifle – With one of the highest control and DPS ratings the SVD is very effective in the short-mid ranges, but the damage and accuracy of the M200 makes it more effective at greater distances
Great guns are available throughout the entire tier system and finding the right guns for you is essential to victory. There are eight tiers currently available with the ninth on the way; making 54 standard weapons available, along with dozens of limited edition variants. Check out the complete list of standard guns below and try out any one you like in the firing range today. Getting to know each and every gun in GRO is a great way to Up Your Game!

Onesheet (AR/SG/LMG)

Onesheet (HG/SMG/SR)

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