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0.14.4 Release Notes

It's time to place a greater emphasis on rewarding teamwork!

In update 0.14.4, we're making a rather large change to the game's scoring system to further reward teamwork and objective-oriented play.


  • Scoring update
  • Beginner map change
  • Menu Updates

Scoring Update

Command Action Old Score New Score
Kill 100 100
Kill Assist 50 75
HEAT Assist 50 100
Oracle Assist 25 50
Aegis Protection 25 50
Blackout Assist 50 100
Blackout Disable 25 100

Conquest & Holdout Old Score New Score
Capture 500 500
Capture Assist 200 300
Defensive Kill 50 75
Offensive Kill 50 100

Onslaught Old Score New Score
Capture 250 300
Capture Assist 100 150
Defensive Kill 100 100
Offensive Kill 50 75


  • Balaklava Sub Pen has now been replaced with Attica Heights
Menu Updates
  • Squad Support abilities have received a visual upgrade
  • Qualification icons have received a visual upgrade
  • Medals have received a visual upgrade


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