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Road to Launch – Patch 1.0

Recap of all major changes coming in Ghost Recon Phantoms

The Road to Launch is nearly at an end with Patch 1.0 just ahead! Since December, we’ve regularly shared glimpses of great things coming soon all along the Road to Launch . With our official launch just days away, we’d like to give you a quick recap of all the major changes in Ghost Recon Phantoms.

New Look

Character Design

Ghost Recon has always embodied the cutting edge of tomorrow’s technological warfare and GRP must uphold that legacy. As part of our rebranding efforts, the look and feel of the GRP classes is about to go back to the future. Say goodbye to the baggy, clunky machinery slowing down your Ghost and say hello to the sleek and sexy future. 

1. Character Design Changes

Device Design

As the most dynamic aspect of GRO gameplay, devices play a key role in GRO’s identity and will go through a similar progression in the new rebranding. All devices will be upgraded and streamlined to fit into the new fantasy while still packing the same punch. Most devices will shift to a modular system where both devices for one class will work with light-weight interchangeable components.

2. Device Design Changes 

Map Design

Furthermore, several maps have undergone a number of changes, which include level design changes (based on qualitative and quantitative feedback), combined with lighting improvements to enhance the overall quality of the maps available in GRP.

Shearwater 51 – Now “The Rig”

3. Before After - The Rig

Korolyov Towers – Now “Towers”

4. Korolyov Towers 

Weapon Updates

Weapons are at the core of Ghost Recon Phantoms’ experience. Based on community feedback, weapons have been a key focus for the team since we entered the Road to Launch, a few months ago. We started improving weapon balance between all three classes with the weapon rebalancing changes rolled out in 14.5.

More details here: Weapon Rebalance.

For launch, we have simplified the selection for new players, made weapons more accessible to everyone and added customization depth for experienced users. We did by this reducing the number of weapon tiers, reducing all weapon prices globally and added a new, fully customizable variant: The Mod Master.

Mod Master

The Mod Master will be available for every model of primary weapon and is a fully functional weapon variant that comes with standard options: Medium barrel, default stock, etc. Like today, you can change the scope, bottom attachment (if available), magazine (if available, etc…). But the Mod Master variant has 2 more open slots: stock and barrel. The stat modifiers from stocks and barrels have been calculated to ensure that the Mod Master variant’s benefit over existing variants is uniquely flexibility – not power. 

5. ModMaster AK-12

Like any attachments, stocks and barrels are attached to one weapon, but are always available whenever you want to change the setup of your weapon between matches. These new attachments allow players to create their own CQC, SV or other variants without creating imbalances as each advantage comes with a trade-off.

Starting from launch, Mod Master variants will become the only standard variants available in store.

More details here: Weapons (Tier Update, New Prices and ModMaster) and Weapon Stats.

Weapon Camo

Official launch brings with it more customization, more colors and more individual expression. Now anyone can equip their favorite gun with a sleek new camouflage palate. Ten unique varieties of camo will be available initially, with more color patterns on the way. Each camo is available for every gun and works just like a regular attachment. 

6. Weapon Camos 

Improved Economy

Cheaper Weapons

In an effort to make weapons more accessible to everyone, we will also reduce the price of all weapons by 21–85% in both ATHENA Credits (formerly-RP) and GC.

7. Weapon Price Changes 

GC Packages

Another big news is that we are – once again - increasing the quantity of GC players get for a specific amount – in other words, GC gets 14 to 24% cheaper. This is another key step to make sure that the gear gets more accessible.

Better Matchmaking

Starting at launch, the matchmaking system will take into account both the user’s skill and the gear they have access to, in order to create a better, fairer matchmaking experience.

The new system is no longer solely based on Ghost Rank, but on ATHENA Rank – a change that we had in mind since last summer. ATHENA Rank is roughly a 50/50 split between the highest Tier of weapons, devices and armor you own and Ghost Rank.

In addition to this we have also changed the way the search algorithm works. Before, it worked based on pre-set values we had set for search speed and how broad the matchmaking criteria is (“broader” means easier to find opponents, but match quality may be lower; “narrower” means higher match quality, but search time may be slower). Going forward the system will react to the number of players online, rather than a set value.


The shift to GRP opens new doors to story-based community engagement, competition and more.

20 years in the future, the game has changed and battlefield supremacy is dictated by technology. In a world driven by economic interests, the ATHENA Corp. has begun selling its weapons and technology to the highest bidder.

As elite soldiers and defenders of US global interests, Ghosts fight to uphold order in an unstable world. The Phantoms, an equally armed group of ex-Ghosts, seek to dismantle world order and challenge US imperialism from the shadows. 

9. Story


As part of rebranding GRO, we’re changing certain terms and names to better fit the new universe and took the opportunity to make other changes. This includes simplifications, standardizations, modifications to fit the story and other changes to improve usability. To better fit the new story as well as simplify them for understanding, the majority of all map names have also been modified.


GRP will soon be available on Steam™ for both North America and Europe. Players can have both the Steam version and the direct client version installed, while logging in from either connects to the same game servers and persona. For the Steam version: Ghost Coins and AAA subscription can only be purchased through Steam wallet/payments. All players can use their existing login credentials for the Steam version.

Get all of the details on these changes and more in the 1.0 Patch Notes and the Road to Launch Updates.

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