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Server Maintenance

Wednesday the 16th of April

On Wednesday the 16th of April, scheduled maintenance work will occur between the hours of 6:00am and 8:30am EDT. During this time, login to both the Ghost Recon Phantoms game and site may be unavailable.  

In addition to our standard maintenance work, the PAX East Ubi Grab Bag coupons should be fixed and working after maintenance.

All players registered prior to the release of update 1.0 will receive avatar and GC Veteran Rewards based on their character levels and account registration date. 

We have also made the following changes to Automated Match-Making:


• Fixed dynamic search speed to its correct value. o Before: Searching was always fast regardless of activity (search speed was at its maximum value). AMM became more of a “put whichever players we can find in a match”.
     o After: Searching speed will depend on player activity (More players = slow search speed). Players of very different Athena Ranks have less chance to be matched together.

• Reduced maximum search range.
     o Players of very low Athena Rank will not be matched with high Athena Rank.
     o Less chance of huge Athena Rank variation in a match.

• Slight decrease of team size reduction speed.
     o AMM will wait longer before accepting lower team sized matches. o Lower chance for beginner playlist to start with 4v4.

Thank you for your understanding, 

Your Ghost Recon Phantoms Team

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