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TheHiveLeader vs Athena Council!

Gear up for this late-night fight: TheHiveLeader vs the ATHENA Council!
On Wednesday, May 7th at 10:00 PM EDT, theHiveLeader and his elite crew of zombie Ghosts will face off against the ATHENA Council members in Ghost Recon Phantoms. Can the ATHENA Council defend the Dev’s title and survive the swarm?

Their quest for revenge will be streamed live on
    The Athena Council:

If you have a strong network connection and want to watch both streams simultaneously, you can do so at Those who miss the match will be able to catch the video on demand on the Twitch channel shortly after the streams end. 

Don’t miss theHiveLeader’s Ghost Recon Phantoms video here:

Best of luck TheHiveLeader, you’re going to need it >:D

We hope that you all enjoy the streams,
Your Ghost Recon Phantoms Team

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