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Subpen Update

New lighting, design & map fixes!

Following the recent update of the Attica map, in 1.0.2 we’ve releasing a revamped Subpen map (formerly known as the Balaklava Subpen) with fresh fixes, design changes, new lighting and more.
Key changes: 
  • The map has been re-lit to emphasize the lunar light leaping down from the big cheese itself
  • Removed spawn camping corners at the drop zones and towers
  • Blocked the space under the bridge on top of the sub and made the bridge re-accessible
  • Removed the lockers on either side of the capture zone and added gutters to trap grenades and reduce spamming
  • Added cover to the lower railings along the paths from the spawn zone
  • Added a crate to reduce damage taken when dropping through the chute from the 2nd floor 
See for yourself!

Let us know what you think of these changes in the comments below!

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