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CEVO Season 3

Season 3 registration is now open!

Registration for Season 3 of the Ghost Recon Phantoms tournament with CEVO begins today (Friday, the 11th of July) and will end on Friday, the 18th of July at 11:59 PM EDT! To register, head over to!

Important Information

§ Select streams will be broadcast live on the CEVO GRP Event Page. If you would like your stream featured, please place your channel URL into your CEVO profile.

§ Don’t forget to vote for your prediction in the prediction highlight on the CEVO GRP Event Page.

§ In the event that you forget your CEVO Profile password, please visit the Forgot Password page.

§ If you're looking for a team or for a few good recruits, head over to the Find Players/Find Team thread at CEVO.

So what are you waiting for? Go register!

Good luck, soldiers!

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