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New Map: The Gallery

Learn the ins and outs of the new three-story Holdout map

Welcome to the Theodore Wilson Gallery – home to the Expression Without Limits collection. Set in the heart of Taiwan, not far from the Xinyi District and the infamous Robytech facility, the Gallery features three seamless floors designed as a double-helix spiral. Today we’ll go over the map basics, as well as review class and device strategies. 

01 Sky Garden

In true Holdout style this map has a single capture point, located at the top of the spiral in the sky garden. Two routes to this point are available to both teams: The inner, faster, double-helix route and the outer, safer stairs. Your first choice is between: Speed or safety. Or! You could choose 50/50 by hopping the railing mid-way. 

02 Shortcut

If you cross over into the enemy lane to defend the point, backstab or simply find yourself lost, both the inner and outer routes are marked with red or blue artworks, depending on which side your team spawned. 

Red Side:

03 Red Side

Blue Side: 

04 Blue Side


Let’s be honest: SCAN is awesome; it sees through walls, it alerts your team and it even has no height limit. When you run out of SCAN, your trusty Squad Motion detector will reveal opponents approaching the point both above and below you. Use CLOAK to cross into the enemy route and try to flank them. Your SMG will be vital to capturing the point, but if you prefer to snipe, you can cover your team nicely from the exhibits located at the top of the stairs route.   



With Recons running about, always cover your rear. Use blitz to get to the top quickly or to clear a route full of enemies. A well timed ADS can go a long way in capturing the point, especially when timed together with a friendly APS. Use shotguns to clear the point quickly or bring a rifle with a high ROF to handle the many tight corners. 

06 Blitz


Blackout is extremely effective on the point (one blast covers nearly all of it). APS is great for clearing the point or slowing enemies while defending. Just like the Assault, the Shotgun will be your best friend, otherwise if you prefer LMG, feel free to experiment with your range. High rate of fire is needed for the corners, but you could do well defending just outside of the point or mowing down approaching enemies from the balcony below. 

07 Support

Remember: If all else fails and there’s no Scan or Squad Motion Detector available – use your ears. Stay alert and listen for enemy footsteps around you to succeed in The Gallery.

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