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CEVO Season 2 Begins!

Are you ready? CEVO Season 2 is here!

Registration for CEVO’s Ghost Recon Phantoms tournament Season 2 has closed.

We have a lot of teams have signed up! So, if you’re one of them, please make sure that you complete your roster as soon as possible. If you’re not ready, don’t panic – you can still finish your roster after the registration is closed, but you must have a minimum of 6 members registered by Thursday in order to compete in the first matches. Remember: The more matches you play, the better your chances are of qualifying for the season finals!

Important note on Season 2 rule changes: In the event of a tie or draw on any map, a winner will be decided with a sudden death overtime using the holdout game mode on the map Attica Heights. In this overtime period, the first team to successfully win a round will be considered the winner. Teams should make sure to take a screenshot or video capture of the scoreboard as a method of verifying match results. In case of a dispute, only screenshot/video evidence will be accepted.

This change is in response to concerns that the previous method (team score) was resulting in degenerative gameplay and unintentional meta within CEVO matches (ignoring the cap to farm points inside APS, for example). Additionally, we have clarified the rule surrounding substitutions. We would like to thank the community for raising these concerns so that we could address it for Season 2. Thanks, everyone! 

So, what are you waiting for? Gear up and get ready at the CEVO Ghost Recon Phantoms Event Portal!

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