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CEVO Recap - Week 1

A breakdown of the top teams and predictors of this week's CEVO matches.

Haven't been able to follow our CEVO tournament as closely as you wanted? Don't worry - check out our simple recap of the events below.

Top 15  - Europe Division

Check out the top 15 teams in the Europe division of our competition. It's still anyone's game. 


Top 15 - North America Division

Here are the top 15 teams competing in the North America division. Which team has what it takes to get to the playoffs? Phantoms fan Harrislad023 had a chance to watch the Zerk Dark Thirty Community vs. Danger Close 2 match and shares his commentary: 

"Zero Dark Thirty Community displayed some outstanding teamwork and coordination to take down DC2 2-0. ZDC picked the first map, choosing to fight them on Tomsk. DC2 played the C point very passively and was punished for doing so. They would push their way to a dominating 10-0 sweep on map one. DC2 would choose Metro to stage their comeback, but were severely punished in the first round leading to a 2-0 win for ZDC. Their overall communication and quick decision making was the key for ZDC's success. The MVP award goes to Zero Dark Thirty's Z3lots, who dominated the match on both maps, destroying with a 31/12 on Tomsk and a 21/7 on Metro. His continuous killstreaks allowed ZDC to push for multiple capture points."


And there you have it - our end of the week wrap-up of the Round 1 matches. Check back next Friday, June 13th for a recap of Rounds 2 & 3.

If you happen to catch a livestream of one of the matches, post your commentary in the forums and it just might be featured in an upcoming end-of-the-week wrap up! Just visit on match days to watch the livestreams and don't forget to predict the winners for the chance to win 2200 GC in our CEVO Prediction Contest!

Round 2 will be held Monday, June 9th at 8 PM CEST for the Europe division and 8 PM CDT for the North America division. Show your support for your favorite teams by sharing these free images with #teamname - remember to tag @GRPhantoms and @CEVO so we can see the shoutouts!  


-The Ghost Recon Phantoms Team

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