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Up Your Game – ABC’s

Tips and tricks to help you get ahead in GRP

Like all multiplayer online games, Ghost Recon Phantoms is home to many terms inherited from the World Wide Web as well as its own home-grown terminology. Communication is the key to victory and using the following terms can help you to understand or be understood by your team quickly and efficiently. 

Learning these terms early on can help to you to understand both the chat window or voice coms, which can be accessed with the following commands:

Squad chat [,] or [/s] to chat with your squad only
Match chat [.] or [/m] to chat with all players in the match
Fireteam chat [/f] to chat privately with your fireteam
Voice coms [ALT] press and hold to open your microphone channel


AC (Mult.) ATHENA Credits: Currency used in game
ATHENA Council: Group of gamers and developers working together
Assassin’s Creed: Crossover items in GRP based on the famous Ubisoft brand
AEGIS/Bubble Codename/original beta name for APS (Active Protection System)
AFK Away from Keyboard
BH/BS Behind or Backstab – enemies are approaching from the rear
CAP/Step Command to get your butt on the capture point
CS Customer Support
Cloaker Recon using the CLOAK device (nearly invisible) to sneak past teammates
CM/CW Clan match/Clan war
CM Community Manager
DC Disconnected (also often DC’ed)
Flank To maneuver around and attack an enemy from an alternate side or direction
FT Fireteam (often “FT?” as a request to form or join a fireteam)
GC Ghost Coins
GG Good game – Used at the end of a match if you enjoyed it
GJ Good job
GM Game Master
GR Great/good round – used at the end of round if you enjoyed it
HEAT Codename/original beta name for ADS (Area Denial System)
INV Invite – request to send an invitation to join a Fireteam
Lag Perceived delay in the transfer of information between the client and server
L2/R2/C2 Number of enemies (in this case 2) located to the Left, Right or Center
Melee only A request to fight only via punching (Mouse wheel click) – results may vary
Nade Grenade – Typically meaning either “Run!” or “Please grenade this spot”
NP No problem
OP Overpowered – term used to describe an item, player or fireteam with exceptional power or ability
ORACLE Codename/original beta name for SCAN
Pub Public – People in a public game or the match itself (different from FT and Clan Match)
SG Shotgun/Shotgunner
SPECIALIST Codename/original beta name for the Support class
TOP Describes an enemy’s position on a second floor (e.g. Point C on Tomsk or Khyber)
TY Thank you
WP Well played

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