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Release Notes v.1.2.1

Check out the full changelog for Patch 1.2.1!


  • New User Rewards 
  • Weapon Rebalance


  • New users will also receive a total of 18 timed grenades for free upon account creation (3 automatically equipped, 15 in inventory)
  • Players will receive match rewards for completing their first, second and third match for each class in their lifetime (3 classes x 3 rewards = 9 rewards in total):1
Match Reward
End of first match Both Tier 1 primary weapons for the class
End of second match A Tier 1 Heavy tactical suit for the class
End of third match 15x timed grenades, 10x magnum ammo and 3 days 50% XP/AC boost

  • If a player has completed 1 match with a particular class prior to this update, after the update his next match will be considered his 2nd match and he will receive the 2nd match completion rewards and not the 1st
  • If the player’s inventory is full upon receiving these rewards, they will be sent to the player’s inbox
  • These match completion rewards will not be given for clan matches and will only be awarded to players upon completing their first public match
  • Players who abort/disconnect/crash from the match will not receive match completion rewards and will receive these rewards upon completing their next public match


Special Edition Weapon Balancing

  • Special edition weapons have been rebalanced to take into account the recent general weapon rebalance

Changes to the AK-200 series

  • AK-200 series have been aligned with the latest rebalancing changes to allow them to stay competitive

  • Burst mode for AK-200, AK-200M and AKS-200R have 10% more recoil and increased delay between bursts

For the full list of weapon changes in 1.2.1, please see the full table here.


The following issues have been resolved: 

  • Fixed incorrect iron sight camera position for the Type 95 (LMG) and CPW (SMG)  
  • The ‘Forgot Password’ link in our website’s premium page now links to the correct webpage
  • Clicking the ‘See all’ link in the player’s Ticket History now redirect users to the correct webpage

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