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Keep Calm and Drop The Banhammer

Update on how you can help fight back against cheaters
On July 21st we addressed violations of the Ghost Recon Phantoms Terms of Service and their penalties. Today we’d like to further address the growing concerns and cases of hacking/cheating in GRP as well as illustrate how you can help improve the GRP experience for everyone.

Since day 1 of the recent outbreak in EMEA, which now affects NCSA, we’ve shifted the entire focus of our team to hacking for nearly 10 days straight. We will take immediate action against hackers in the coming days and update you on our progress. Our solution will improve the situation, but hackers won’t go away overnight, which is why now, more than ever, we will need your help to report them.

How to help stop a hacker

The fastest and most-effective way to report a hacker is to submit a ticket via the regular ticketing system. Screenshots are incredibly powerful weapons for shutting down hackers, but be sure to include a description of what you saw in a clear and simple way, without emotion.

Example: In a match you see that “Player X” is wall hacking and take a screenshot
2. Make sure you are logged in
3. Under category, select “Others” or “Game Support”, then fill in the subject along with a short description under “Question” e.g.: “Moved through walls” or “Was firing from below the floor”

Contact Support EN

4. Click on “Browse” to attach and submit your screenshot (attachment must not be more than 2MB)
5. Click on “Submit” to complete your ticket and successfully report a hacker 

Remember: The most effective tickets are clear, simple and calm

Another way to help stop a hacker is to report the activity immediately within the client (while in-game), be sure to select the correct violation you wish to report and keep your message as clear as possible. The report you submit in-game is then used to further support any ticket you write.

Example: If you see player X wall hacking

1. Select “Report Player” from within the options menu
2. Select “Player X” under “Persona Name”
3. Select “Hacking” under the “Offense Type”
4. Then comment: “Moved through walls” or “Was firing from below the floor”

Posting your screenshots and videos and naming and shaming on the forum is against our forum policy and not a place file reports. With hacking/cheating now the number one priority for our Customer Support and Game Master teams, using the in-game reporting system and filing standard tickets will be the fastest way to help.

Final friendly reminders:

1. Never share your account with your friends – this is strictly against the Terms of Service and puts you at risk for permanent suspension
2. Be careful in net cafés – there could be hacking programs installed on the PC you’re using, which could cause you to be suspended
3. If you find yourself suspended and are unsure of the duration or wish to appeal the decision, you can always file a ticket using the same process mentioned above – including a clear subject helps the support team take care of you faster

We appreciate your help and support in the fight against hackers. Stay tuned for more updates.

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