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Public Playtest – 12 + 13 August 2014

Find out how you can be part of the Public Playtest on August 12 and 13, 2014

Listen up Soldiers, Ghost Recon Phantoms is going to run a special playtest to get more feedback on “Tactical Insertions” in combination with the recent changes. 

Some of our loyal veterans may have tested this feature already in Open Beta, but since the launch of Ghost Recon Phantoms our new users have not yet had the chance. Even our veterans may experience Tactical Insertions differently in combination with the overall gameplay changes we have introduced in version 1.2. 

What is Tactical Insertion?

Tactical Insertion is a “field support” item that, once activated, allows your team mates in your Tactical Team to choose to spawn beside you, rather than at your team’s base. Not only will this allow for even higher levels of team play in GRP, but it will open up new strategic ways to play the game and dominate the battlefield!

We want fresh feedback on the Tactical Insertions and also our new inventory system, which will be also available with this version!

As the Public Playtest is taking place in an entirely new test environment, you will need to download a new build of the game, which is approximately 3.34 GB large. To make this a little bit easier on everyone, you can download the build now, before the playtest starts!  

Schedule for Public Playtest:

The Public Playtest will occur on Tuesday, 12th of August  and the Servers will be available for 24 hours. We will open the servers from:

North America: Tue, 12 August 10:00 pm to Wed, 13 August 10:00 pm EDT

How to join the Public Playtest:

Via Steam*

1. Launch Steam and go to your game library

2. Right click the game version of GRP you’re playing on Steam (i.e. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Phantoms – NA for NA and EU for EU)

3. Click Properties

4. Click the BETAS tab

5. Select “Public-Playtest” and close


6. The Public Playtest version of GRP will appear in your library

7. Steam will download the client and the normal installation process follows

*Important: Don't start the Steam Download in advance. Otherwise it's possible that you must download it twice. Once the test servers are online, you can download the beta version.

Via Direct Client

1. Download the playtest build of the game here

2. Install the new client

Other information:

  • Because the public playtest will take place on an entirely new testing environment for Ghost Recon Phantoms, everyone will need to sign in, choose a name and start testing with brand-new level 1characters
  • All items will be priced at 1 AC so testers can easily access all the gear they need through the AC gained by testing
  • Because the public playtest population is smaller than our live environments, queue times might be longer than usual
    • Matches will be set to 6v6 to improve matchmaking times
    • The Beginner’s and Lieutenant’s playlist will be disabled. and all matches will be played on the All Player’s Playlist - Players will still  see a warning about playing in the regular playlist as a Beginner, which is a known issue – please ignore this message
  • As a Public Playtest server, players might experience lags and/or high latency.

How to submit feedback:

There will be an after-match survey in-game for you to submit your feedback.

How to report a bug:

Bugs that occur on the Public Playtest should be posted in the Public Playtest Bug Reporting threads in our discussion forums (for Steam users here, for Direct client users here). Please submit all reports in written English.

Good luck on the battlefield. We hope that you have a blast with  Tactical Insertions and we look forward to your field reports!

Your Ghost Recon Phantom Team

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