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What are the abilities for each Ghost Recon Online class?

Each class in Ghost Recon Online has unique active and passive special abilities. The Assault class has the Blitz and HEAT abilities, Recon has Oracle Digital Interrogation and Active Cloaking System, and Specialist has the AEGIS and Blackout abilities. Each class also has a passive ability, which is automatically activated whenever you are close to your teammates. 

All class abilities can be activated by pressing the 'F' key.  Read below for more information. 

Assault []Abilities
Blitz [] Blitz 
Allows the player to deploy a bulletproof TS3b shield and the Assault's exoskeleton is overcharged for a short  burst of speed. 

Heat [] HEAT 
 The Assault class is further powered-up with a man-portable microwave technology weapon that creates the feeling of  intense heat in targets. The HEAT emits painful microwaves within a long and narrow arc, damaging all enemies while severely disrupting their aim and slowing them. 

Passive Team Ability 
Energy supply []Regen
 The SCAS Health Boost boosts the regeneration signals of nearby team mates through an elektromagnetic transmitter and increases the regeneration speed. 

Harden [] Harden
 The SHS Armor Boost is a wireless transmitter, that boosts the armor of nearby team mates and therefore increases the defense. 

Recon []Abilities
Oracle [] Oracle 
 Hacks into enemy IFF systems to reveal the locations of all enemy personnel within scanning range and relays information to team mates. 

Cloack [] Active Cloaking 
 Allows players to become temporarily invisible. 

Passive Team Ability
Vector detector [] The AVS-H Movement Detector is an electronical scanner that detects quickly moving enemies and shares their position with all team mates within the maximum  distance. 

Gunshot detector [] The AVS-W Shot Detector is also an electronical scanner but it identifies opposing gun volleys and shares their position with all team mates within the maximum distance.

Specialist []Abilities
 Deploys a shield that deflects bullets away from any team mate within the shield. 

Blackout [] Blackout 
 Fires an electromagnetic pulse that disrupts all electronics for a short time, disabling the active abilities of the enemies and depleting their energy bars. 

Passive Team Ability 
Ammo supply [] The ABAS Ammunition Resupply refills the ammunition of other team mates automatically, once you are within maximum distance to an allied specialist. 

Energy supply [] The ABPCS Energy Regeneration will automatically increase the energy regeneration of team members, once you are within maximum distance to an allied specialist.

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