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What is the Beginners' Playlist?

What is the Beginners’ Playlist? 
The Beginners’ Playlist is a separate matchmaking queue that allows players new to Ghost Recon Online to be queued into matches with fellow beginners.  

How do I queue for the Beginners’ Playlist? 
If you are a new to Ghost Recon Online, or have you have yet to level a Class to Level 5, you will automatically be queued for the Beginners’ Playlist. Please Note: If there are not enough players to form a match using the Beginners’ Playlist, you will be placed in the public matchmaking queue. 

Beginners Playlist - 1

Will I still be able to play with more experienced players? 
Yes – Players will have the option to choose between the Beginners’ Playlist and the Public Playlist if they are eligible to play on both. More experienced players will not be able to choose to play on the Beginners’ Playlist. 

Will I have access to the Beginners’ Playlist when leveling each Class? 
No. Once you have reached Level 5 on any Class you will no longer be able to queue for the Beginners’ Playlist. When a player reaches Level 4, they will be informed that the Beginners’ Playlist may soon become inaccessible. We highly encourage you to check out the other Classes while you are still eligible to play using the Beginners’ Playlist. 

What happens when I reach Level 5? 
You will be notified that you are no longer eligible to queue under the Beginners’ Playlist. Any further matchmaking will take place on the Public Playlist. 

How do Fireteams work when playing on the Beginners’ Playlist? 
When creating or joining a Fireteam there are several things the game checks to decide whether or not you are eligible to play using the Beginners’ Playlist. A Fireteam comprised entirely of beginners will still be able to play on the Beginners’ Playlist, however a Fireteam with one or more experienced players can only access the Public Playlist. 

How will I know if the Fireteam I joined or created is not eligible for the Beginners’ Playlist? 
You will be notified via a pop-up message for any situation where your Fireteam is unable to queue for matchmaking using the Beginners’ Playlist. This includes: 
  • Inviting non-Beginners into a Fireteam
  • As a Beginner, being invited into a Fireteam not eligible for the Beginners’ Playlist
  • As a Fireteam eligible for the Beginners’ Playlist, choosing to play on the Public Playlist 
For more information on Fireteams, click here: Social - Fireteams

I meet the requirements to queue for the Beginners’ Playlist, but the option is unavailable. What should I do? 
If you experience any issues with the Beginners’ Playlist, please Contact Support

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