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How do I create a Clan?

How do I create a Clan? 
Clan Creation becomes available once you have reached Level 10. Once Clan Creation is unlocked, you can select “CREATE CLAN” from the Home screen. This will take you to the Clan Creation page, which will allow you to enter a Clan Name, three-letter Clan Tag, and create the Clan Crest. 

20121016 - Clan FAQ #2

Players must pay a 1000 RP / 100 GC fee whenever they creating a Clan. 

How do I join an existing Clan?
Joining a previously existing Clan is through invitation only. Please contact an Officer or the Commander of the Clan you wish to join to ask for an invite. 

How do I leave my Clan? 
Any player who is not a Commander may leave the Clan at any time via the option on their Clan profile page. Commanders cannot leave a Clan – they must either disband the entire Clan, or transfer leadership to another member before leaving. 

What Clan Management Features are available? 

Currently, players are able to do the following: 
  • Manage Ranks within the Clan - Commander, Officer, and Soldier. 
  • Add New Clan Members by Invitations [Officer or above]
  • A Clan roster with management commands.
  • Expel Clan Members of a Lower Rank
  • Transfer Ownership of the Clan to other Clan Members 
  • Update Clan message in the Clan profile [Officer or above]
  • Create and Customize Clan Crest [Officer or above] 
20121016 - Clan FAQ #4

What Clan Social Features are available?  

Currently, players are able to use the following: 
  • A dedicated chat channel once the Clan is created. 
  • Clan chat commands for basic clan management. 
  • Invite members from the Clan list when creating a Fireteam. 
  • The ability to use your Clan crest as your avatar. 
  • Your Clan tag displayed in front of your player's name, e.g. [TAG]Player.

What can we expect in future phases? 
Please remember that this is only the first phase of planned features for our Clan system. Additional features such as Clan vs. Clan, Friendly and Ranked Matches with leaderboards will be coming soon!

What happens if I have a problem creating, joining, or leaving a Clan?
If you experience any issues with any Clan functions, please Contact Support

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