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Error message "Failed to communicate with the Online config service".

15005a - Failed to communicate - []

Please make sure you have allowed communication through your Firewall and anti-virus software during installation and while launching the game.
Sometimes your Firewall or anti-virus software's warning window could be hidden behind the game or could be flashing on your taskbar.

If you are still having issues please check your Hosts file, as this can be altered by other software.

You can access your Hosts file by following this link:

Please follow these steps after following the link:
1. Drag the hosts file to your desktop
2. Open the file with 'Notepad'
3. Edit the file by removing anything below: ' Localhost' as shown in the image below.

Hosts file []

Once you have deleted the entries, save the file and drag it back in to the folder 'etc'. Please launch the game again.

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