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Up Your Game – Cover and inserts are your friends

Second edition of tips & tricks to help you get ahead in GRO
Keeping your organs in and the bullets out is vital to your Ghost Recon Online career. You've got two friends to help do just that: Cover and Inserts.

Cover keeps away bullets, grenades and diseases. Not only can it save your life and improve your aim, it also heals your flesh wounds and lets you lean around corners. Warning: Leaning around corners will expose your brain meat to bullets.

If you're stuck behind cover, get tactical with your firing modes (press "X") or mark enemy locations with a laser designator (press "T"). Don't stay behind cover too long; you become a grenade magnet and your cover may fail you. On Shearwater 51 some corrugated metal cover is penetrated by bullets!

20130606 - Screen 1 20130606 - Screen 2

But what if there is no cover? Inserts are your home away from cover and are based on real SAPI (Small Arms Protective Inserts), first used in Operation Desert Storm. They have four attributes:

Health: Increases max. Health → Good against single shot weapons
Regen: Speeds up health recovery → Good for cautious players
Toughness: Subtracts damage taken → Great for CQC against shotguns and SMGs
Crit: Decreases your opponents' chances of scoring a critical hit → Good for tanking damage 

Higher grade inserts provide more benefits to each of their attributes. You can get the best inserts (Gold) in Mystery boxes and Battle Salvage (temporarily not available). Stacking inserts with other equipment is even more effective. For example: The Assault Combat Regen stacks on top of regen inserts and allows you to heal during combat.

Use cover and inserts to splatter enemy intestines, keep yours safe and up your game today!

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