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The Road Ahead

Important info you should know about changes coming soon

Big changes are always part of being in Open Beta. We want to make a great game for you and that requires lots of fine-tuning.  In the coming months we are tentatively planning a series of adjustments to XP, earnings and prices.

Starting June 12th we will reduce the amount of XP needed to level up. This will not affect your current level, but will allow you to level up faster beyond that point. More high-level players means finding matches faster, having equal access to top-tier gear as well as increasing the need for teamwork.

Next we plan to adjust the RP economy, based on the new XP curve. This plan currently includes changes affecting the daily win bonus and amount of RP awarded every round. These adjustments are important to maintaining economic stability and keeping GRO balanced as well as making sure that new players don’t have an added advantage over veterans.

The final phase will affect the RP, GC prices in line with the RP earnings changes. This step is necessary for us to complete the entire rebalancing cycle.

We want to be straightforward and transparent because we appreciate your trust and faith in us. We will release more details as we get closer to the next phase. These changes enable us to make improvements, design kick-ass content and bring us one step closer to fully launching GRO.

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