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Up Your Game – Supporting your squad

Third edition of tips & tricks to help you get ahead in GRO
Teamwork … squad support … sportsmanship. What does it all mean? Find out with this glimpse behind the GRO curtain at Squad Supports.

Squad Supports – the passive class devices. They work like glue mixed with steroids – your whole team gets stronger and sticks closer together and each support device has a unique role to play.

As the team’s rhino, an Assault with Harden Armor rushes into battle able to tank more bullets while increasing the team’s total protection. For cover-hugging Assaults there’s Combat Regen to regenerate the whole team’s health while shooting.


Ammo Supply is the gift that keeps on giving, allowing Specialists to replenish their teammates’ ammo over time. It’s perfect for holding lanes or mag-dumping on AEGIS shields. Device Recharge turns you into an Energizer Bunny who shares energy via wifi. It’s a blast with BLACKOUT because you can routinely empty enemy devices faster than they can deploy them.

ICON_AmmoRegen ICON_EnergyRegen

Gunshot Detector highlights enemies going PEW PEW for your entire team and Vector Detector highlights enemies sprinting for their lives. The Vector Detector is great for corners, because it can detect through walls. Avoid enemy vector detection by walking slowly or crouching and gunshot detection by using silencers or flash suppressors.

ICON_ShootDetect ICON_MoveDetect

Squad Supports are a great way to take your whole team to the next level. Grab the Squad Support that suits your play style, get close and personal with your team and up your game today!

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