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Discover the Golden Loot

The loot is revealed
The European League, a fan-driven GRO competition, is soon coming to an end as the last season concludes on Wednesday the 26th of June.

As you know, we announced a Golden Loot as the top-prize for 1 player chosen at random, during a live stream.
However, we have never disclosed it; Until now...

Thus, it is time to have a first glimpse: The prize for the European League will be a high-end PC, containing all the best hardware needed to play Ghost Recon Online at its topmost performance.

Not enough details?
We heard you!

On June 28th 2013 @5pm (CET), watch us unravel this mystery prize in its most intimate details, from the processor to the disk drive!
The live stream will take place on from 5pm to 6pm (CET) in English.

Try to guess its content on our forums!
Those who answer correctly may have a surprise waiting for them during the stream!

Of course, we won’t just talk about the prize.
Some Q&A and the winner's selection await all viewers!

Golden Loot
Try guessing the content of this PC!

Until then, good luck and have fun!
Your Ghost Recon Online Team

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