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Dreamhack Spain

Join the Fight ... in Valencia!
Hola Ghosts,
We’re very happy to announce we’ll be present at DreamHack Valencia next week, with a cool tournament and prizes to be won!

20130711 - Dreamhack - Banner
Our friends at Razer and Mountain are bringing top end gaming peripherals and PCs for you to enjoy optimal conditions for 4 full days of fragging!
We will be on booth A8 in the Expo Area. During the opening times of the expo area we’ll have free sessions of gameplay for everyone to discover the game.
Our longtime partner Razer have teamed up with us to offer you the possibility to win top of the line equipment including 8 Deathadder 2013 and 4 Kraken Pro Black.
How many teams will be able to join?
8 teams of 4 members.
(qualifiers, semi-finals and final)
When is the tournament?
First rounds (8teams = 4 matches) will take place on Friday (19 July), the 2 semi-finals and the final will take place on Saturday (20 July). 
How to enter?
- On the forum thread: give us the 4 persona names of your full team!
- At the event on Thursday and Friday (if there are slots left)

20130711 - Dreamhack - Pic 
See you all in Valencia!
Your Ghost Recon Online team 

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