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Gain tactical insight on the new map: Xinyi District
Enter the harsh streets of the Xinyi District with its wide-open spaces and explosive capture zones. Here’s all the intel we can share on the vast new Conquest map.

Inspired by the real Xinyi District of Taiwan, the map is composed of tall buildings, wide roads and complex interiors. This massive map is the largest to date and has five capture points in classic Conquest style.


Point C is the heart of the action and takes place at the X-shaped intersection of two major roads, which splits C into two bunkers and creates a king-of-the-hill sort of feel.

Assaults will be need to be constantly on their toes, whether it’s BLITZ-ing down the long roads to gain ground or using HEAT to shut down an entire road at a time. Beware: Your HEAT won’t reach across the entire map and snipers will be waiting for you.


Xinyi District gives sniper Recons a glorious opportunity to shine with its tremendous distances and long lanes which make sniping and counter sniping essential. With so many routes to cover on the field, ORACLE is invaluable, but remember: You can only scan so far. Use CLOAK instead to sneak up on opponents via the underground tunnels or the parking garage.

You can look both ways before crossing the road, but think twice about crossing without AEGIS. Open spaces can be lethal and AEGIS is the safest bet for your survival. Use BLACKOUT to make a great entrance to the two bunkers, or when defending, use it to keep unwanted guests out.

Survival in Xinyi District depends heavily on your team’s ability to communicate. You’ll need to move as a unit to cover as much ground as possible, or risk being spread out too thin to effectively control points. Secure victory by learning the terrain, owning your role and playing as a team.

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