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Learn all about the real vision for GRO’s future

There’s a whole lot of change going on in GRO, but no matter how scary change may seem to some, we want to share with you our vision for GRO’s future to show you that everything will be just fine.

We know that the pace of the changes recently has been pretty fast and that we haven’t always shared our vision for the mid-term. With the release of new packs such as the Spoils of War, we want to take this opportunity to make our vision clear.

Underlying this vision is one simple fact: There can be no GRO without a balanced economy. We are making these important changes right now based on one year’s worth of learning and making them all at once to keep the transition as short as possible.

Here is our vision for the future of GRO’s economy and an overview of the changes that will take us there.

Our Vision

The future of the GRO economy is based on one fundamental principle: All items that impact gameplay are and will always be available through either time or money. Every item that is not purely cosmetic in nature is available in either RP or GC. RP is equivalent to the time you spend playing matches, while GC is simply a purchasable means to speed up access to items or a means to purchase cosmetic items.

Soon we will begin rewarding players with GC as well in new Monthly Missions, which makes GC-only items accessible to everyone with enough time.

Matchmaking 2.0

Recently we announced major changes to our matchmaking system, which included a measure of how long you have been playing in the game as well as the equipment you have available to you. This equipment factor is called your “Tier Score” and is based on the Tier of weapons that you have unlocked and are available for you to use.

With the new Tier Score, the matchmaking system can ensure that there is an even distribution of players with experience and talent versus those who have spent less time in the game, but have equal-level equipment.

New Tiered, Unlock System

GRO’s first step forward to fulfilling our vision is to move from a level-lock system to a tier-unlock system, which will take effect by the end of August. In the tiered system, each weapon is assigned to a number group (or Tier) within the total hierarchy of tiers.

The new tier system will divide weapons into eight main tiers and a special tier for limited-edition weapons, which is available to all players immediately. Now all players will have to work their way up from the lowest tier to the top, one tier at a time, by acquiring a single weapon from that tier. 

A player’s skill has always been and will always be the most important factor in GRO gameplay. In keeping with our vision, each of these tiers will be available for RP or GC and are no longer bound to level.

Once the change takes place, weapons that you currently own will be unlocked in the new system. Weapons that you unlocked in the old system but don’t own will be unlocked in the new system and available for RP or GC. This includes weapon Tiers you may have skipped by buying higher-level weapons as well as Tiers available at your level that you didn’t purchase.

These changes come ahead of the release of our new Tier 8 weapons available soon.

Weapon Proficiency

Now instead of having to improve your proficiency for every individual weapon, you will unlock a new level of weapon proficiency for that specific weapon class with every weapon tier unlocked. Weapon proficiency refers to the percentage chance of landing a critical hit, which is accumulated over time. 

In update 0.12.1 we made attachments permanent to help you keep a readily customizable arsenal that responds to your weapon proficiency at any time.

Don’t worry, your current weapon proficiency will not be completely reset. Once the change is made, we will calculate your new proficiency level by adding up all of your kills from all existing weapons per weapon class. Please note: The weapon-proficiency level will be capped at level 7 for all players, as this is currently the highest Tier.

The Future

Our vision is simple: Everything in GRO can be enjoyed by everyone through time or money. The speed of access to gear will not negatively impact gameplay or imbalance matchmaking. With all of these big changes, GRO is making great progress, including in the fight against lag. The steps we take today ensure that GRO can continue to grow, can become more competitive and that we can produce a better game for all players.

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