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UbiSpectre Update on Lag

Network Performance Graph
Hi Everyone!

I'm back with another update for you on the fight against lag. In my previous articles, I've shared that our initial strategy on eliminating lag is to identify the source and that we want to know the "why" before we move on to the "how". I've also noted that we've pinpointed possible causes and have investigated each of them. Our task force against lag did all of the above and have managed to implement some solutions and their efforts were rewarded with a noticeable decrease in lag cases. This was based on Customer Support reports and game logs since we launched patch 0.12.0.

We have also integrated a network performance graph inside the game to help us monitor connectivity when we launched patch 0.12.2. Here’s what it looks like:

20130807 - Ubispectre - Graph Lag 3

Enable it by entering either of these commands in the chat panel:
• /telemetry on 
• /tm on

Hide it by entering either of these:
• /telemetry off
• /tm off

I know that your next question is: "What does it mean and what will I do with it?" This network and performance graph is mainly to provide everybody visibility on what's happening when you experience lag. Help us fight lag by taking a screenshot of your graph whenever you encounter connectivity problems and send it to us through our Customer Support system.

We still have a lot on our list to investigate and some we're already looking into. A few of them are:
• Launcher seeding
• Transmission of server logs
• Exploits on the game client
• Hardware performance

Our efforts continue, but this does not mean that we'll completely eliminate lag in the future. All online games face lag and the best way for us to mitigate it is to confront it the moment it appears. As we experience these setbacks, we become more knowledgeable and better at fixing it. I couldn't emphasize enough that your feedback helps us a lot.

Until we've found a solution to greatly reduce this problem, I will continue to provide you an update on lag.

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