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An inside look into the competition's first week

We have finally kicked off our first official Competition through our partnership with ESL. Our primary goal is to launch an activity for casual competitive fun - an event that you would enjoy with your friends.


Because of this, we made changes preceeding the competition. We prohibited the use of Tier 8 weapons and GRFS guns for the purpose of fairplay. When we released the T8 weapons, new gamers and those who haven't saved enough RP, didn't have enough time to save to aquire them for the start of our Weekly Cup.  GRFS guns on the other hand, are considered T8 which is why they're included. While we love the support players have shown for the new gear, we are also mindful of the impact it can have on the competition experience, especially for casual players.

This is our first Go4GRO and we are going to gather all that we'll learn from it and use that knowledge to customize our future tournaments. The next competitions we'll conduct may have a different set of rules and mechanics. For now, we are hoping that you will have fun playing in the Weekly Cups.

So sign-up and participate because a lot of prizes are up for grabs. Visit

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