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0.13.0 Release Notes

Updates included in Patch 0.13.0


  • Project Topos Updates
  • Holdout timings changed
  • New gift section in store
  • Respawn screen change
  • Weapon proficiency change
  • Grenade crate change
  • UI polishes
  • Flinch fix


  • Lowered chance of Holdout maps being selected for matches
  • Implemented fixes for Attica Heights spawn camping
  • Polished collision related issues in Shearwater 51


  • Added new 5-point Conquest map, Rural 
  • Updated the Museum with an additional route into the point from each side


  • Increased overtime from 45 to 60 seconds
  • Increased capture time addition from 45 to 60 seconds
  • Increased minimum capture time from 10 to 15 seconds


  • Player can now purchase gifts for other players in the new gift section in the main area of the store
  • Gifts can be purchased and sent to players in the friends list, which are received through the inbox
  • The gift store is filtered by player's class. For example: If a player goes to the store with the Recon selected, it shows only gift items for Recon. If a player has the Specialist selected, only gift items for the Specialist are shown


  • Non-critical damage now displayed in yellow to show the player’s name, damage amount, and weapon type
  • Critical damage now displayed in red to show the player’s name, damage amount, and weapon type
  • Armor insert information is now on a separate section so that it can be shown in the damage taken and damage dealt tabs


  • Weapon proficiency rating 0 will now have some critical chance instead of 0%


  • Increased the chances of receiving more than the minimum of grenades


  • 2 more rows are now displayed in the inventory to make it the same length as the loadout
  • “Featured” and “On Sale” tabs only show items that player can use immediately
  • “Used slots/total slots" indicator added in the inventory
  • Number of items in each filtered list is now shown in the inventory. For example: Common [20]
  • Number of new items in each filtered list is now shown in the inventory. For example: Common [20] 2 NEW
  • New items indicator in the loadout is easier to understand. For example: 2 NEW
  • Chat cursor is automatically focused when a player triggers a whisper from the chat box
  • Mail that contains an item can only be deleted once the item is removed
  • Font size for the Tier Icon is reduced


  • The Flinch fix has been further improved. The changes should be easily noticeable now


  • An error message is now displayed in-game when a player with 200 friends tries to add a friend
  • The pop-up for clan invite is now scaled properly when the invite is received at the same time as player enters the firing range
  • The corpse of the Recon is now black/white in color when the player dies while cloak is still active or killed after being exposed to heat
  • Item descriptions in the inventory are now shown when a player mouses over the upgrade button
  • “This clan invitation is no longer valid” message is no longer shown when players accept a clan invite from the inbox
  • "Hotjoining a match" message is no longer shown after a player respawns from “Press Space to Respawn”
  • The weapon proficiency bar is now correctly displayed 
  • After a player accepts a clan invitation, the inbox message now displays, “You have joined the clan”
  • Tooltips for "Ready Time" and "Reload Time" in the weapon customization screen are showing correctly
  • XP/RP earning record is now showing correctly even when the user only completed a single round instead of the full match with a boost active
  • When a player leaves the game, the slot is now filled by another player in the same skill range as the player who left. It is now less likely that a very skilled player will fill a slot left by a new player
  • It is no longer possible to fulfill event requirements instantly when a player is in a match when the event starts
  • Holdout mode now instantly ends once a team wins the first two rounds in a row


  • Holdout matches do not currently count towards the “Soldier never quits” daily mission.

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