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ATHENA Rank and Rating

Get to know the new leader board system

By now many of you have noticed all the pretty new symbols and new leaderboard in-game, but what does it all mean? Welcome to the first installment of the future of competitive play and match making.

Once you complete your first match after game update 0.13.1 the following screen should appear:


As explained here, the ATHENA Rating is a means to show other players and yourself where you stand in GRO. Often referred to as a “Threat Rating” this indicates just how dangerous you can be, based on your: Match performance, tiers of gear unlocked and your experience in-game.

The ATHENA Rank is a reflection of your current rating, which can shift up and down based on the factors above. With a total of five ranks, each rank is divided into five grades:

Rank Chart

Only those with exceptional ability and dedication to GRO can earn the Rank of Five-Star General, but they will have to continue to work to maintain it.

When you enter the match lobby, you’ll see the ATHENA Ranks of every person in the match. In the example below, [D3V]ozmbieman is playing his first match since the update and therefore doesn’t yet have his new rank or rating. He should receive his first rank and rating as soon as he completes the first round. Please note that the new leaderboard system only updates itself every 10-20 minutes.

New Lobby

The ATHENA Rank and Rating system is only the first step towards more competitive features and better matchmaking. Although not currently used to determine match making, once we’re satisfied with its calibration, the ATHENA Rating system can be used to determine match making.

In the meantime, please understand that the system does its best to create balanced matches, but also tries to get you in the game as fast as it can; of course this tradeoff sometimes creates unbalanced or long searches in between. We’re certainly aware of this and are improving it step by step.

Now you can see for yourself beforehand just how balanced or unbalanced a match is with the rating, but never underestimate the power of teamwork. If you find yourself in a match that is clearly unbalanced, take a screenshot of it and tell us! The more data we have, the stronger cases we can make for our own internal improvements.

Together we can create a better GRO experience for everyone.

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