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ESL Go4GRO Cup Week 5 Review

Find out how week 5 went, and who made it to the finals!

The ESL Go4GRO Week 5 has come and gone, and what a week it has been! Once again we saw the number of participating teams increase; Go4GRO hasn’t quite hit 50 teams just yet, but 47 isn’t too shabby :). To all of the new teams that have come on board over the last 3 weeks, welcome, we hope you’re having a great time! To all of the teams that were already on board, stay frosty. 

Round 1 got off to an interesting start as Spain’s sole representative team  Grupo Operaciones Especiales (G0E) faced off against Georgian side Death Orchestra ([De$]). It seems as though the Spanish armada came out in full force as [De$] was left reeling by the Spanish onslaught. In the end G0E turned out to be too much for the [De$] to handle, taking a swift victory to move through to Round 2. 

Moving into Round 2 of the tournament, we had the pleasure of seeing Belgium and France clash heads. Etalons du Chaos (EDC) didn’t pull any punches, but the Belgian side Be first ([.be]) managed to pull through as a team and beat their opponents from France. 

As games begin to prove themselves in the competitive arena, well known multi-gaming organisations will go about recruiting the best teams in the game to their org. That’s exactly what we’ve seen happen as Tera-Gaming picked up the team formerly known as Team wiN. Unfortunately their first outing under the new banner didn’t go quite as well as they’d have hoped as they lost 4-6 against Zero Tolerance Squad (0TS) in round 2. 

As Round 3 of the tournament got underway, French squads Delta Banshee ([D/B]) and Ghost Terrible 3 (GT3) prepared to duel. GT3 managed to feint past [D/B]’s attacks to take the victory and move through to the quarter-finals. 

The quarter-finals saw some very interesting match-ups as the top four teams in the Go4GRO series prepared to cross swords. Casual Fragging Crew (CFC) (gameplay here) were up first as they faced off against READY2ROLL ([R2R]) (gameplay here). Perhaps CFC’s new line-up didn’t quite gel as well as it could have, as [R2R] came out of the confrontation with a confident victory, winning 6-4. 

In the semi-finals, Russian side Cheaters Must Die (cMD) put up a fantastic fight against French side Securities Exchange Commission (SeC); however despite their best efforts, SeC were simply too strong and ended up winning 2 rounds to 1. In the second semi-final, [R2R] managed to take a round off of Team ruN, but weren’t quite able to convert that into a series win. Still, they managed to take 3rd position in the overall tournament.

And so it was that Team ruN and SeC came to meet in the final. Team ruN have clearly been on top of their game for some time now, and that trend continued as they beat SeC in two rounds. The French squad tried their best, but didn’t quite have what they needed to proceed to a third round. 


Congratulations to everyone involved! We hope you all enjoyed last weekend’s 5th Go4GRO cup, and that you’ll sign up again for the 6th cup to be in with a chance of winning €200! Signups for the 6th cup are already open, gather your team together and follow this link to sign up now!

P.S: Did you stream or record your cup match? Do you plan to do it for Cup #6? Send a PM to [CM] Silvanoshi (EN), [CM] Extatiq (FR), [CM] LelandGaunt (DE) or [CM]Wrumir (PL) by the end of Sunday and we might be able to highlight some of your gameplay!

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