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ESL Go4GRO Cup Week 6 Review

Find out how week 6 went, and who made it to the finals!

Week 6 of the ESL Go4GRO Cup Series saw the return of fledgling factions and fan favourites as each team tested their mettle against some of the best adversaries that Ghost Recon Online has to offer. Two new teams entered the fray this week. Poland’s Always Loyal Team (aLt) and pan-European side Gentle Penguinz (ICY) are now both fully blooded ESL Go4GRO teams, congratulations!

The sound of gunfire signaled the start of the first round of week 6 of the Go4GRO Cup Series. Some teams rose far beyond their own expectations, while others fell short of the own hopes. Good games were played either way, with the sportsmanship between teams being extremely encouraging to see. 

As the second round of battle got underway, we saw a match that looked positively mouth-watering. French side Securities Exchange Commission (SeC) were preparing to take on Polish side Zero Tolerance Squad (0TS). Both sides played extremely well, but in the end we saw 0TS come out on top. 

Round 3 saw the Gentle Penguinz (ICY) take on a team that they were very familiar with Swedish, Wellox E-Sports (WLX). ICY members Stuntman, Wango and kraftverk all had interesting connections with Wellox. Stuntman, a former substitute for Wellox E-Sports, had the chance to compete against his old battle brothers. Wango and kraftverk, both Swedes, had the pleasure of facing off against their fellow countrymen. Rest assured though, both teams went at it with everything then had, and in the end ICY emerged victorious. The final score was 5-4. 

Round 3 also saw Zero Tolerance Squad (0TS)come up against Team Raindrop (DRP), with the former taking the match 7-3. You can check out the match stream from StrongTom here.

With the semi-finals looming, Tera-Gaming e.V. GRO (T|erA) (formerly team WiN) faced off against READY2ROLL (R2R). The recently renamed team had a much stronger showing in their second appearance under the new banner, only falling to serial finalists READY2ROLL in a hard-fought match that ended 4-6 to R2R. Anyone interest in viewing this spectacular match can check out R2R’s site for the VoDs. 

READY2ROLL met Cheaters Must Die (cMD) in their semi-final showdown. Unfortunately cMD were a man down first their first round, which resulted in their losing 9 points to 1, however once back at full strength for the second round, the fight suddenly became much closer, with the round ending 3 to 3. That meant that R2R once again rolled on through to the cup final. 

The second semi-final saw ruN and Die Tired (ruN)  take on Belgian side Be first ([.be]). ruN managed to take the first round 9-1  and the second 6-0.

In the fight for third place, it was Belgium vs Russia with Be first taking on Cheaters Must Die. The Belgians put up a strong defense, but Cheaters Must Die where able to overpower their adversaries in order to take third place in the cup. 


After a long day of combat, and a hard-fought route to the top of the tournament table, teams ruN and Die Tired and READY2ROLL found themselves in the final. In the calm before the storm, each team was eager to join battle and put their itchy trigger fingers to good use.  In the eerie silence that descends upon the battlefield once the last shot has been fired, one team was left standing. ruN was victorious. 

Congratulations to everyone involved! We hope you all enjoyed last weekend’s 6th Go4GRO cup, and that you’ll sign up again for the 7th cup to be in with a chance of winning thousands of GC, and maybe even €200! Signups for the 7th cup are already open, gather your team together and follow this link to commit to the cup now!

P.S: Did you stream or record your cup match? Do you plan to do it for Cup #6? Send a PM to [CM] Silvanoshi (EN), [CM] Extatiq (FR), [CM] LelandGaunt (DE) or [CM]Wrumir (PL) by the end of Sunday and we might be able to highlight some of your gameplay!

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