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ATHENA Rank and Rating Update 2

Find out about important changes on the way

Last Friday Oct. 18th, we released our first update on the status of the ATHENA Rank and Rating and today we’re back with a follow up.

After holding multiple meetings internally as well as with our community leaders and veteran players in both regions, we were able to establish a plan to address the ATHENA Rank and Rating issues.

Here’s a look at our plans to correct the situation in the immediate and medium-term.

Immediate future:

  • ATHENA Rank Removal from the Pre- and In-game Screens
    This is to stop the urge for players to quit if they see high level players on the other team. Once the match is over, players will be able to see others’ ATHENA Ranks via the leaderboard or friends list.
  • ATHENA Rating Removal from the Leaderboard
    The score used to compare players and derive the ATHENA Rank will be hidden to encourage players to work collaboratively rather than focusing on their individual score.

In the medium-term:

  • ATHENA Rank Penalty for Quitting
    Players who choose to quit a match will have points immediately deducted from their ATHENA Rating (which in turn will impact their ATHENA Rank).
  • Timed Cooldown
    Once a player enters the quit screen they will be given a few seconds to consider whether they really want to quit and suffer a penalty to their Athena Rank, as well as forfeiting any rewards they’ve accumulated. 
  • Match Completion Rate
    We will display the rate at which every player completes matches within the match lobby. Players who tend to quit matches will therefore have low rates attached to their names. No soldier wants to be labeled a “deserter”…
The first two steps have been implemented in the 0.13.2 update, but the remaining steps will require more time. We will keep you updated on our progress in the future, but in the meantime, please continue to provide us with your ideas and feedback on the Rank and Rating.

Thank you for your understanding,

Your Ghost Recon Online Team

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