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ESL Cup Series Week 7 Review

The last qualification cup is over! Who won the last cup?

During the 7th and final week of standard ESL Ghost Recon Online Cup play, we were extremely pleased to see 4 new teams enter the fray. German side excidium et Genesis (xG_), French side division delta banshee 2, Polish side Polish Night Hunters (PNH) and Spanish side Spec Ops 2; all decided that they would have a bit of fun, and see how they fared against some of the best Ghost Recon Online teams in the world. 

Let’s dive straight into Round 2 of the cup where we see two GRO Cup Series heavyweights face off against each other in the first of a number of epic battles that took place over the weekend. Consistent cup winners, ruN and Die Tired (ruN), managed to beat Team Raindrop (DRP) 10-0, leaving DRP in a precarious position in the overall series standings for the continental finals. 

In Round 3, we saw an important face off as both Cheaters Must Die (cMD) and Zero Tolerance Squad (0TS) needed to score points in order to secure their position in the continental finals. 0TS made a valiant attempt, however cMD managed to muscle their way to a 7-3 victory. 

In what was possibly the most frequent match-up of the series, Round 4 saw ruN and Die Tired face off against Casual Fragging Crew (cfc) once again. On this occasion, victory of this most prestigious duel went to ruN. 

As the semi-finals got underway, we saw French side Fear Comes True (FcT) demonstrate precisely why they are one of the most highly respected clans in the community. They took on READY2ROLL and beat them 10-6, despite only participating in the 1st and 7th cup of the series. 

The second semi-final saw ruN beat Ghost Terrible 3 (GT3) 15-0.In the battle for 3rd place, we saw R2R beat GT3 11-5 overall. 

That brings us to the final. Fear Comes True Vs ruN and Die Tired. ruN had not yet been defeated in ESL’s GRO Cup Series, and FcT had only participated in one previous cup. All signs pointed to ruN and Die Tired running away with an easy victory. However, when it came to game time, FcT managed to ensure a 5-5 round on Tomsk. Round 2 took place in Korolyov Towers, where ruN managed to secure a 4-2 victory, as well as 1st place in the GRO Cup #7. 


Congratulations to everyone involved! We hope you all enjoyed last weekend’s 7th cup, as well as the GRO Cup Series overall. Don’t forget to let us know what you thought of it in the comments below. Would you like to see more events like this? 

As for the Continental Cup Finals; dates and times will be announced shortly. Congratulations to all of those who will be competing, and commiserations to those who didn’t quite make it to the finals. There are already new cups being set up on ESL that you can prepare to participate in!

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