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DEV Q&A - Balancing & Items

Combat Designer Nickole answers to your questions.


1. When can we expect LMG improvements at short range?

The LMG is designed to be a heavy weapon, which is used predominantly from cover. It is possible that specific LMGs will get rebalanced from time to time, but there are no plans to make LMGs overall better at short range.

2. Does the development team intend to rebalance the semi-auto Sniper Rifles? Will you be using either recoil or ready time?

It really depends on what problems the semi-auto sniper rifles have right now. While they’re very strong, the bolt action rifles have their own one stop appeal and the data does not suggest that the weapons are overpowered.

3. What are your thoughts about semi-automatic sniper rifles, after gathering a huge amount of data? Do you believe they are balanced?

As mentioned above, the data does not suggest that the weapons are overpowered. However, while playing, we’ve encountered both semi-auto snipers who were really good at destroying people with the weapons and others who were less effective with the identical guns.

It may well be an individual player issue, which suggests that some players may need to be nerfed.

4. What was the reason behind the Shotgun nerf? Can we expect automatic shotguns to receive some minor buffs at some stage in the future?

Like with the semi-auto sniper rifles, the change was intended to alter the play styles of semi-auto shotguns, making them weapons that can rapidly follow up shots. I can guarantee that, like with the semi-auto sniper rifles, you will see adjustments over the next few months until the shotguns are at what most players can agree to be a fun level.

Change invariably leads to an adjustment of play styles and the first impressions aren’t always great (unless overpowered in which case a positive response can be disturbing). Regardless, no changes are set in stone, so yes there will be iterations.

5. Do you have any plans to increase the ammo clip size of the Model-10a?

We already increased the ammo clip size with version 0.13.1 and also slightly increased the damage.

6. Why does the SPAS-12 have two fire modes? All other shotguns have just one.

The SPAS-12 is special, in that the real world example has both semi and pump-action capabilities. In GRO, the abstraction of that is having both fire modes. The key differences between them are that the semi-auto mode has a faster cyclic rate, but reduced accuracy, while the pump is slower while being more accurate. Speed against precision – the choice is yours.

7. Why did you decide to decrease/cap the crit. level? Several players lost percentages of their crit. rate.

This is actually part of the tier unlock system. The tiers are used to unlock weapon proficiency levels, so you will get one proficiency tier per weapon tier. Unfortunately, we could not keep the crit. levels static and going all the way up the planned tier system would result in raising the crit. levels above what we have right now (and we decided against that because higher crit. levels were found to be problematic).

8. Do you have any plans to reduce the recharge time of devices?

There is a way to reduce the recharge time of devices: Use the Specialist’s device recharge support. The reason recharge times are as they are right now is the avoidance of device spam. We tried shorter recharge times before and the results were less than desirable.

While inpidually it seems that devices take forever to charge, multiply that by 16 players and GRO turns into a game that is as much about devices as it is about gunplay. We are aiming to keep GRO to be a game primarily about gunplay and less about using devices. Moreover, the purpose of devices is primarily to break deadlocks especially between entrenched enemies, so increasing device frequency actually has an unfortunate side effect of making it rather difficult to dig in in the first place.


1. Will you add smoke grenades or flash grenades?

Smoke yes, flash no. Flash grenades overlap the Blackout device somewhat, by visually stunning targets. Introducing flash grenades would dilute the impact of the Blackout. As for smoke, it’s a great tactical option and I don’t see why they won’t appear at some point in the undefined future.

2. Why aren’t there any knives in GRO?

I love knives and would absolutely love to have them in game. Unfortunately regulatory authorities do not, which is odd in a game that revolves around people killing people with guns. We are law abiding that way.

3. Do you have any plans to allow pistol modifications in future?

You’ve seen an example in the Splinter Cell Pack, you’ll see more in the future. While pistol modification is not the highest priority at the moment, they are most certainly on our hit list.

4. Will there be more visual customization for armor?

Are the special edition packs not enough? =p I’m sure there will be armor customization at some point. Tell us what sort of customization you really want to see in GRO. Perchance something like purchasable camouflage for starters?

5. How many guns will you introduce with tier 8?

You’ve seen them. There are actually 5 variants for pretty much all primary weapons in GRO. Those are the Stealth (integrally silenced), Suppression (side to side recoil), Marksman (longer range precision), Lightweight (better suited to closer range combat according to weapon type) and Standard (most customizable options).

6. How many weapon tiers will be introduced overall in GRO?

That is one of the great mysteries of the universe. How many would you like?

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