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DEV Q&A - Matchmaking, Events & more

Simon answers to your questions.


1. What does the matchmaking really take into account?

Matchmaking is based on a number of different factors. In the near future, we plan to simplify the matchmaking formula and surface this problem to the players.

2. What are your plans in connection with the rage-quitter problem?

We plan to tackle rage quitting in the upcoming patches. We’re currently debating on how to best resolve this. Feel free to send in feedback..

3. Will there be any further modification made to matchmaking?

Yes, because it’s not set in stone. The broad goal is put more of the matchmaking process in the hands of the players themselves.

4. Would you please increase the beginner playlist from lvl 5 to lvl 8/10?

Possibly. It’s not currently part of our plan but if we feel the overall experience would improve, it’s something that we can consider doing..

5. Do you intend to introduce filters into matchmaking? Many people have opposite preferences. It wouldn’t just increase player’s satisfaction, but also decrease the amount of leavers and speed up MM.

We are currently exploring more ways to allow users to have more say in the maps they play in.

Clan Features

1. What has happened to the clan features that were supposed to be done within 2013?

In the medium and long term plan, we’re looking at completely overhauling how clans work. We’ll see a number of improvements as a result of this.


1. Do you intend to improve the daily challenge system?

We would like to, but we feel that we can make bigger improvements to the game at this time

2. Thanks for bringing back the events! Could we expect more in the future? E.g. for Christmas?

Keep your eyes peeled :)


1. Could the corpses have a little transparency, so that we could see if there is another player hidden in it?

This is not a bad idea; it’s a good idea.

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