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Teamwork November

Find out about November plans and Monthly Missions

We’re dedicating this month to the most important aspect of GRO gameplay: Teamwork.

Throughout the month we’ll show you tips and tricks on how to succeed in GRO and be a better team player with the November Monthly Missions, Up Your Game series, sales and more.

November Monthly Missions

The November Monthly Missions will reward players who work best as a team with GC.

Straight to the Point  

Straight to the Point: Score 40 captures or capture assists this month

Capturing and defending points is the true objective of GRO. Put your teamwork skills to the test and cap all the points you can.

100 GC

Stick Together  

Stick Together: Win 120 rounds in a fireteam this month

GRO is about making tactical decisions as a team to secure your victory and communication with your fireteam is the key!

150 GC

Stay tuned for more to come soon!

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