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Up Your Game – Squad Supports Round 2

Fourth edition of tips & tricks to help you get ahead in GRO

Often overlooked and underrated, Squad Supports are for many players a secret hidden in plain sight, which is why we’re back with round 2 on the value of Squad Supports. Each of these passive devices provides the teammates around you with a permanent bonus and is a powerful way to up your game.

Known for tanking bullets and fighting on the frontline, Assaults can use Harden Armor to not only tank more bullets themselves, but make your entire frontline tougher or more capable of capturing/holding points. Assaults could otherwise use Combat Regen to regenerate their teammates’ health while on the point or advancing, which allows players to regenerate even while firing (which inserts don’t).

The Specialist’s Ammo Supply support not only replenishes your teammates’ ammo over time, but also indicates to teammates who are low on ammo, your location to keep them in fight longer. Device Recharge is essential to routinely coordinating pushes, holding the line or helping nearby Recons to regularly use ORACLE.

We all know that ORACLE isn’t infinite, but Squad Supports are! Gunshot Detector highlights enemies firing at great distances away from the Recon for the entire team. Vector Detector highlights sprinting enemies with big red boxes even when ORACLE has run out, which is perfect for catching backstabbers or cloaked Recons.

Squad Supports provide valuable intel, ammo, energy, health and protection from your enemies, which make each vital to doing your part for the team and uping your game.

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