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ESL GRO Cup Series EU Continental Finals

The new ESL EU Continental Champions have been crowned!

It is with great joy that we take a moment to sit back and review the epic events that took place during the ESL Ghost Recon Online CUP Series Continental Final, the culmination of more than 7 weeks of dedicated training for the teams, and hard work for all those involved in running the event.

Having fought their way to the forefront of the competitive Ghost Recon Online scene, the following 8 teams represent GRO’s elite players in Europe. Each of these teams has managed to marry the right concoction of highly skilled players, tactical masterminds, and shot-calling decision makers in order to make it to where they are today.


Before we dive into the quarter-finals action, let’s take a look at each of the match-ups: 

  • Fear Comes True (FcT) Vs Securities Exchange Commission (SeC)
  • Casual Fragging Crew (CFC) Vs Team GAS ([gAs])
  • ruN and Die Tired (team ruN) Vs Team Raindrop (DRP)
  • Cheaters Must Die (cMD) Vs READY2ROLL ([R2R])

The quarter-finals got off to an explosive start with both French finalists hoping to emerge victorious, to become the sole remaining team representing France in the finals. After some hard fought games, Fear Comes True were able to assert themselves as Frances’ top team. Securities Exchange Commission did their best, however the match ended 6:0 // 8:2. 

Next up, we had Europe’s Casual Fragging Crew taking on team gAs. This match proved to be a much closer affair, with team gAs winning by just two captures in each round. The final score was 4:6 // 2:4 with team gAs progressing to the semi-finals.

Serial cup series winners, ruN and Die Tired found themselves facing off against German side Team Raindrop. DRP did their best to shower their opposition in lead; however this didn’t seem to tire ruN, who managed a comfortable saunter into the semi-finals with an 8:2 // 5:1 victory.

The remaining quarter-final saw the Russian side Cheaters Must Die, pit their skills against READY2ROLL from Germany. R2R were strong favourites heading into the series, but cMD really managed to up their game, and put on one hell of a show. After two fantastic games, each of which ended in a draw, the series was taken to a third round decider. R2R just about managed to pull off a win, with the final score being 5:5 // 3:3 // 1:2.  


With just four teams remaining, all but one team is within touching distance of a podium finish. Let’s take a look at each of the match-ups:

  • ruN and Die Tired Vs Fear Comes True
  • team gAs Vs READY2ROLL

The first semi-final series played host to an event that has not before been witnessed by human eyes. Fear Comes True managed to beat team ruN in round two, pushing them into uncharted territory in the form of a third game decider. Having never before played a third game, team ruN were forced to face their mortality for the first time. The crushing realisation that they might not make it to the final could have sent them running away with their tail between their legs. Instead, they stood up to their opposition and demonstrated just why they have won so many cups to date. Despite their best efforts FcT were unable to cause the upset of the century; ruN took the final game 2:0. The overall series score ended 5:4 // 2:4 // 2:0.

The second semi-final brought reality crashing down on both teams, as a hard-fought slugfest took place on Chertanovo. team gAs performed well, showing exactly why they deserved to be in the top 8; but in the end READY2ROLL was able to win with 6:4 scoreline. On Korolyov Towers, R2R demonstrated their ability to dominate and won 6:0. 

The Tussle for Third:

Before we move on to the finals, let’s take a look at the third and fourth place decider. Not only does the third place team make it onto the podium, but they also take a share of the tournament prize pool. For those who have forgotten, the following teams battled for third place:

  • team gAs Vs Fear Comes True

On an adrenaline fueled high from their record setting match against team ruN, FcT looked to carry their strong form through to the third place decider. They were out for blood. team gAs did their best, but there was no way that they could stand up to FcT, who promptly secured third place in the continental final with a 1:9 // 1:5 victory. 

The Grand Final:

There’s a whole world of difference between coming first, and coming second. These teams are fighting to ensure that they’re on the right side of the winner win/loss ratio in the hopes of taking home the much coveted 1st position, as well as its accompanying share of the €1100 prize pool. 

  • ruN and Die Tired vs. READY2ROLL

None of the players who made it through to the grand final are strangers to high pressure competition, with money on the line. In fact, these two teams have met in cup finals on numerous occasions already. 

The tension surrounding this series could be cut with a knife. Both teams went into game one with high hopes, and despite history suggesting that team ruN might sprint away with the title, [R2R] ensured that that didn’t happen. Not only did they peg team ruN back to a 5:5 draw in the first round, but they managed to halt them at 3:3 in the second!

Both rounds were so close. With just one round remaining, the title of ESL GRO EU Continental Champions could easily fall to either team. Balaklava Sub Pen would play host to the final game, and decide which team would take home the title and winnings. Having already won on this map earlier on in the day, team ruN once again reaffirmed that they have the magic formula to keep it locked down as they beat [R2R] 2:0 to be crowned Continental Champions! The final series score was 5:5 // 3:3 // 2:0. 

On behalf of everyone working on Ghost Recon Online, we would like to congratulate team ruN! Your path through the ESL GRO Cup series really has been without falter. We hope that you, as well as everyone else who partook in the ESL GRO Cup series and watched the streams, enjoyed the event. The top three teams for this cup series are as follows:


While this series of cups has come, the fine folks over at ESL have launched an Autumn League to satiate any Ghost Recon Online competitive cravings that you may experience. Best of luck to all of the teams participating, we hope you have a blast! 

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