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Up Your Game – Team Chat

Fifth edition of tips & tricks to help you get ahead in GRO

One of the key ingredients to having an awesome match is good communication. Coordinating attacks, strategies and device pushes can mean the difference between victory and defeat. While we don’t encourage constantly spamming the channels, you should always try to talk to your team. 

Opening a match with a simple “Hi” or “Hello” is a great way to show good will and show that you’re ready to work together to win. Calling out the enemy positions when you’re killed is a good way to alert your teammates to danger. Here are some ways to make communicating with your team easier and your matches more successful.

Simultaneously shooting people and reading chat text isn’t easy, which makes voice coms a very effective method. Plug in your microphone and use voice coms by holding the left ALT key (the default setting of push-to-talk can be adjusted in the Menu), but try not to spam the channel and be courteous to your fellow players who want to focus and have fun like you.

Not everyone has a microphone which means that typing may be the only way to go. Here are some handy-dandy shortcuts to make it easier for you to get your point across to the right people. There are several channels you can access from the lobby: Public, fireteam, squad and match. Each can be accessed by typing the following commands:

  • /0 - Select a channel mode
  • /1 - Public channel
  • /2 - Clan channel
  • /3 - Fireteam channel
  • /4 - Squad channel
  • /5 - Match channel

If you want to whisper to a friend, just type /w [playername] in any channel and it will appear in green if done correctly. To speed things up even more, if you are replying to a private message someone else sent to you, just type /r.  


In-game you can alternate between squad or match chat modes by pressing “,” or “.” before typing your message. While the shortcuts for whispering remain the same, the fireteam, squad and match channels all have different shortcuts.

  • /fireteam or /f – message your fireteam
  • /squad or /s – message your squad
  • /match or /m or /all or /a - send a message to all players in the match

Fireteam chat is highlighted in orange, squad chat is blue and match chat is white.  


Use the squad chat to work with your full team or use the fireteam chat to coordinate with the players who you trusted enough to bring with you and avoid spamming the rest of the team. Putting these functions to use is only part of communicating as a team, but it’s a good start to up your game. 

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