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ATHENA Rank and Rating Update III

Find out about important changes on the way.

On the 23rd of October, we updated you on our immediate and medium-term plans for the ATHENA Rank and Rating. Now we’re back with a look at the changes we’ve made so far and what we’re implementing today.

Patch 13.2 – October 22nd

  • Removed the ATHENA Rank display from the pre- and in-game screens before matches started to eliminate the urge for players to leave when they see high-ranking opponents
  • Removed the ATHENA Rating from the leader board to encourage collaborative team play instead of focusing on individual scores
  • Lowered the quit rate by a small amount and began a trend in the right direction
Patch 13.4 – November 18th
  • Surfaced each player’s match completion rate to all other players at the start of the match to further discourage quitting
  • Introduced a 10-second wait before players are able to quit a match to let them rethink their decision
  • Moved players who receive bans to the bottom of the leader board temporarily to discourage undesirable behavior
  • Lowered the overall quit rate significantly to a level lower than even Patch 13.
Patch 14.0 – December 4th
  • Introducing a match completion streak bonus to reward players who complete consecutive matches without quitting
  • Introducing an ATHENA Rating penalty when players do not complete matches to further discourage quitting
Now whenever you complete a match, you begin to accumulate a match streak and become eligible for an RP bonus. After every match you complete you will gain an additional 5% bonus for your RP rewards in the following round, which accumulates up to 20% maximum.  

Match 1 2 3 4 5
Bonus 0% 5% 10% 15% 20%

If you do not complete a match, this bonus is automatically reset to zero. However, for the Holiday Season there will be no expiration for the match streak unless you do not complete a match, but in a future update this streak will reset once you logout from the game or remain inactive for over an hour. 

ATHENA Rating Penalty

Every time a player does not complete a match, their ATHENA Rating will suffer a percentage penalty which cumulatively increases for every additional incomplete match. This overall loss to ATHENA Rating can be restored over time with every consecutive match completed.  

The percentage lost per incomplete match is roughly -3% and the amount gained per completed match is about +1%. Each incomplete match requires roughly three completed matches to regain the full rating. 

E.g. I quit two matches in a row. As a result my rating and therefore also my rank suffer from the penalty. Having quit two matches, I will need to complete six matches without quitting in order to redeem my full rating.

The amount of rating reduced per incomplete match will lessen as the number of incomplete matches increases, but the rating can be reduced by as much as 50% if a player quits 23 consecutive matches. 


The penalty system is based on whether or not a player completes a match. This includes players who were disconnected during a match, which is necessary to prevent players from abusing the system by intentionally unplugging their modem to avoid the penalty. 

Players who get disconnected but complete matches regularly will not be significantly impacted by this penalty. No player who becomes disconnected as a result of a DS crash or server issue on our side will receive the penalty. 

Our goal isn’t to simply punish those who quit, but to reward all players for collaborating and making a positive contribution to their team. We have already seen improvements in the number of quitters and have reached a level lower than well before the launch of the rank and rating. Now the rank and rating can serve their intended purposes and continue to drive down the number of quitters even further. 

Thank you for your support and understanding, 
Your Ghost Recon Online Team

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