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DreamHack Winter 2013 Final 2.0

Live on Friday 13th Dec at 19:15 CET!

During DreamHack Winter 2013, two teams rose above the rest, and clearly demonstrated their prowess in Ghost Recon Online. and 's DreamhackED both showed that they have what it takes to stand tall and stay focused during the pressure of live competitive matches. 

After the unfortunate circumstances surrounding the final, we have worked closely with the teams to reschedule the game to an agreeable time for both parties. That time is tonight at approximately 19:15 CET! Each team will be streaming gameplay, with the possibility for some commentary to take place. 

Make sure to tune into the streams and check out how each of them plays. Not only are these guys and gals highly skilled and awesome to watch, but you never know, you might even learn how to improve your play ;). They may also have some codes to give away ;). 

We would like to thank both DreamhackED and Wellox E-Sports  for behaving in an exemplary manner throughout this process, and wish them both the best of luck in tonight's game. 


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