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0.14.3 Release Notes

More RP, better match making, and more!

In update 0.14.3 among several others, we’re bringing you two key changes. The first is a 20% increase in RP earnings per match! The second is improvements to the match making system. Find out more below.


  • Increased RP earnings per match
  • Improved match making


  • Increased RP earnings per match by approximately 20% to improve the pace of progression


  • Increased the accuracy and balancing of team assignments by evenly distributing players based on their performances
  • Reduced the likelihood of multiple fire-teams on the same team for more flexibility in automatic team assignment to create more balanced match-ups
  • Removed the negative impact of players’ deaths on their performance rating – players who play to the game mode's objective and are on the combat’s frontline are no longer penalized
  • Adjusted the priority ratings of players while searching for matches to make the waiting times more consistent for all players


  • WAR Reloaded M1014 SV now reloads at the correct speed during a full reload
  • Minor display change of the player's match completion streak. (E.g. From >3 to 4+)


  • When a player switches armor during a match, the stats do not reflect the proper percentage

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