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Learn more about GRO's new announcer system

On the 7th of February, we announced a new feature: ATHENA Battlefield Intelligence (ABI), which will arrive in the upcoming update 0.14.5. Today, we’d like to explain a bit more about how ABI works and how it can help you.

Also known as “Artificial Battlefield Intelligence”, ABI is a friendly announcer designed to provide you with important Intel, and encourage teamplay. Available both as audio and as text displayed in the chat window, ABI will notify you in the following situations:

  • Incursions on captured points (securing, losing, etc.)
  • Heavy team or enemy losses
  • Tactical Insertion deployments (friendly and enemy)
  • Device status
  • And more

Use these notifications to strategize more effectively with your team. For example: If you hear that your own team has suffered heavy casualties, then you should hold your position and wait for reinforcements. Conversely, if ABI alerts you that the enemy has suffered heavy casualties, then you have a good opportunity to advance.

If you don’t want ABI notifications, you can simply turn them off in the options menu. Check out ABI and other exciting new features this Friday, Feb 21st in update 0.14.5.

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