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GRO's Weekly Mission

Challenge yourself and be rewarded.

What is a weekly mission?  

While Ghost Recon Online is a robust and deep play-experience, we know that sometimes you need something more than just great gameplay. Enter the weekly missions. These are in-game events with objectives designed to test your skills. Completion of the objective will result in receiving a useful reward, such as RP, Grenades and Armor Inserts. These missions will change every week, so be sure to visit our events page for up-to-date information.  

How do I participate in a weekly mission? 

All players are automatically registered for the missions. At this time there is only one mission per week. To view the mission and its objective, log into Ghost Recon Online and view the event's tab located in the bottom left of your home-screen or refer to the events page or provide feedback via our official forum

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