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Halloween Contest

Design your own Halloween weapon!

This Halloween, we want to see your own personal weapon design. Muster up all your artistic and imaginative skills to create your very own ‘Halloween Weapon’. Feel like re-inventing the look of your magnum pistol which shoots satellite guided mini-pumpkins? Feel like making something using magazine cut-outs, soda cans, or going at it the old-fashioned way and simply utilizing your paper and pencil abilities? We'll let your creativity go outside the box. 

Submit your entries to us and share a bit about the weapon you created. All entries will be reviewed and the best ones will be posted on our Facebook page and Forums for you to make the final vote on the best of the best. The winners will receive limited edition Halloween Variant Weapons!

UGC: Halloween Weapon

  • Design your weapon using any artistic means. We're providing you weapon base images in case you would like utilize them in your design . Note: please do not use real weapons images.

  • Include a few words to describe your weapon in the email together with your GRO Persona Name and Uplay Login Name.

All images must be sent before midnight on November 2, 2012

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